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 Analysis of The Sun also Rises

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Analysis of The Sun also Rises Empty
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Analysis of The Sun also Rises

The Sun also Rises, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a literary journey that captures the time. The story is set in the 1920s, which has come to be known as "the lost generation". After World War I many American expatriates were morally and spiritually devastated. This novel captures a time in which these soldiers attempt to live a happy life in the bars and cafes of Spain. The wild partying and late nights in the country are only a cover up for the lives that the ex-soldiers lost in the war. The soot of a bloody war blackens the meaning of life, and this "lost generation" only wishes to get some of its color back.
Hemingway's motives
The novel is based on one of Hemingway's personal experiences. Most of the characters, setting, and even the plot all are relatable to a very troubling time for the author. In 1925 Hemingway and his wife Duff Twysden set off on a trip to Pamplona, Spain. Accompanying them on the trip was Hemingway's friend Harold Loeb. The trio had a great time in the bars and cafes and attended many bullfights. Hemingway was a bullfighting "aficionado", a word the Spanish use to describe an avid bullfighting fan. The term aficionado does not really translate into English as there is no way to describe how deeply involved they are with the sport. Aficionados are compared to die hard American baseball fans with a deeper spiritual and emotional connection to the event.
In all of the fun during the visit in Spain a dark and unexpected secret was revealed. Hemingway caught his wife Duff in an affair with Loeb. Her foolishness led to a fight between the men and a divorce.1 Hemingway turned to writing to deal with his loss, and the novel following his troubles was The Sun also Rises. His personal experience flowed into an unforgettable literary work in the form of a readable and memorable story. The themes of personal loss and disillusionment, as well as the test of physical and emotional...
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Analysis of The Sun also Rises
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